Activewear takes a beating from sweat, dirt, chlorine, and environmental elements. Choosing the right laundry detergent is key to busting stains and odors for peak performance. Read on for professional tips on selecting the ideal cleaning products for fitness fabrics.

Specialized Workout Wear Detergent Benefits

Detergents created for activewear offer advantages over regular options:

Targets Odors

Formulas with added enzymes penetrate to break down and remove stubborn sweat and body oils. Leaves gear smelling fresh.

Prevents Bacteria Growth

Antimicrobial ingredients inhibit the growth of odor and stain causing bacteria in damp workout wear.

Maintains Moisture Wicking

Detergents avoid coatings that interfere with synthetic moisture management and Quick dry properties.

Protects Technical Fabrics

Gentler surfactants lift stains without stripping specialty coatings for water resistance, stretch, compression and more.

Prevents Pilling

Detergents with anti-abrasion components protect high friction areas from bobbling and pilling during agitation.

Retains Shape

Formulas help performance fabrics maintain structure and elasticity, preventing damage, stretching and misshaping over time.

Fitness detergents clean without compromising technical attributes.

Top Activewear Detergent Recommendations

Best for Odor Removal – Tide Plus Febreze Sport

This advanced enzyme-based formula eliminates even the toughest sweat smells. The light Febreze scent leaves clothes extra fresh.

Best Antimicrobial – Hex Performance Laundry Detergent

Powered by bacteria-busting silver ions, this innovative wash keeps germs at bay even after multiple wears. The plant-based formula is gentle on performance fabrics.

Best for Sensitive Skin – The Laundress Sport Detergent

This ultra-gentle, fragrance free detergent is specially designed for folks with eczema, psoriasis and skin allergies who need a hypoallergenic sports wash. It rinses soap-scum free.

Best Whitening – OxiClean White Revive

This oxygen-powered formula whitens workout gear and athletic shoes without chlorine bleach. Great for wrestling singlets, white sneakers, socks and sweat-stained shirts.

Best for Gym Odors – Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Kill the serious stench of shared gym clothes and equipment with this concentrated, hospital-grade microbe killer. It disinfects and deodorizes in one step.

Most Versatile – Win Sport Detergent

Win excels at washing performance fabrics from moisture-wicking synthetics to natural merino wool. The plant-based recipe is septic safe too.

Find your perfect fitness formula based on cleaning needs.

Factors that Impact Detergent Choice

Consider these factors when selecting an activewear detergent:

  • Odor Level – Lightly stinky yoga clothes need lower power than seriously smelly hockey gear
  • Types of Fabric – Choose formulas safe for delicates like silk and merino wool versus sturdy cotton/poly blends
  • Machine Type – Ensure the detergent produces the right level of suds for HE versus standard washers
  • Environmental Impact – Seek plant-based options to minimize toxins and waste from frequent washing
  • Special Coatings – Preserve water repellency or antimicrobial treatments with a gentler cleanser
  • Skin Sensitivity – Use a hypoallergenic option if you have eczema or experience skin irritation

Match the detergent to the unique needs of your activewear and body.

When to Use Specialty Sport Detergent

Reserve specialty detergent for:

  • Synthetic athletic fabrics prone to odors and bacteria like spandex, polyester, and nylon
  • Natural performance fabrics like wool and silk that require gentle care
  • Workout clothes washed after every wear to prevent smells
  • Gym clothes and sports uniforms used by multiple people
  • Sweat-soaked gear like white socks and headbands
  • Post-run clothes that need extra freshening power
  • Fitness accessories like yoga mats and sneakers

Any frequently washed exercise apparel benefits from detergents designed for the task.

Washing Workout Wear at a Laundromat

Public laundromats allow you to use top performing activewear detergents too:

  • Check vended options – many laundromats now sell specialty sport detergents to meet demand
  • Bring your own – use dispensers to add the ideal detergent for your athletic fabrics
  • Maximize wash settings – use hot water, extra wash and rinse cycles, and high spin speeds
  • Dry thoroughly – use high heat dryers and purchase time in increments for complete drying
  • Add whitening agents – purchase oxygen bleach powder from vending machines as needed
  • Disinfect – select sanitizing washers that use steam, ozone or other microbial killing methods

The powerful commercial machines give you professional results.

Laundering Different Activewear Fabrics

Follow these specialty guidelines:

– Spandex/Lycra/Elastane – Skip fabric softener, wash cool, line dry

– Merino Wool – Use wool wash, air dry

– Silk – Use delicates bag, gentle detergent, air dry

– Foam Latex – Spot clean only to avoid breakdown

– Rubber/Neoprene/Nylon – Rinse thoroughly, air dry fully

– Fleece – Use lint roller, wash gentle cycle alone

– Waterproof Membranes – Spot treat stains to avoid stripping DWR coatings

Tweak your routine based on fabric needs.

Workout Wear Laundry FAQs

How often should you wash activewear? After every wear for odor control. Immediately rinse out chlorine, salt and mud after workouts before washing.

What temperature should you wash workout clothes? Read labels, but use cold water for darks, prints and delicates. Hot water for whites and disinfection. Avoid over-drying delicate synthetics.

Should you wash exercise clothes before wearing? Yes, new performance wear has factory coatings that need removal. Wash alone before wearing with activewear detergent.

Can you use regular detergent on gym clothes? For odor and bacteria removal, it’s best to use a specialized fitness formula designed for synthetic fabrics and technical finishes.

How do you get stains out of athletic clothes? Pre-treat with pre-wash spray or paste before washing. For tough stains, apply detergent directly and let sit an hour before washing. Avoid over-scrubbing delicate fabrics.

What gets rid of odors in activewear? Enzyme-based detergents dissolve odor molecules and remove bacteria. Oxygen bleaches help whitening and deodorizing. Vinegar and baking soda also fight smells.

Get your fitness wardrobe truly clean. Ditch dirty, stinky exercise gear that hampers your performance. Outfit yourself with the ideal high-tech detergents to get workout clothing fresh and disinfected. Prevent odors and stains with activewear cleaning methods from the professionals. Feel confident your athletic apparel is working as hard as you do. Next workout, gear up for glory knowing your laundry has got you covered!

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