A quality laundry hamper is a laundry room essential. The best laundry hampers neatly corral dirty clothes while complementing your décor. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and materials to suit any home.

When selecting a hamper, consider size based on loads, durability for longevity, breathability to minimize odors, and aesthetics to fit your home. Popular options include cloth hampers, canvas bins, woven baskets, collapsible designs, wheeled carts and more.

We’ve researched the top-rated laundry hampers across different priorities to recommend our top overall picks. Let’s explore what makes an excellent hamper and review the leading options worth your consideration.

Benefits of a Quality Laundry Hamper

The right hamper offers many helpful benefits:

  • Neatly contains loose dirty laundry piles
  • Saves bending down thanks to lift-off lids
  • Provides needed ventilation to avoid odor
  • Makes transporting clothes to machines easier
  • Wide opening allows easy tossing of clothes
  • Blends seamlessly into your decor style
  • Can be used for storing other items like toys

With so many choices on the market, you can certainly find the ideal hamper to become a seamless part of your laundry workflow.

What to Look for in a Laundry Hamper


Consider hamper capacity based on your family’s laundry demands. Measure full loads to determine ideal volume.


Cloth and canvas are attractive but show dirt over time. Polyester and plastics resist staining. Wicker provides ventilation but scratches floors.


Lids, holes and mesh panels allow air circulation to keep odors from accumulating in dirty clothes piles.


Soft sides sag and collapse as they fill. Sturdy hampers retain their shape and support heavy wet laundry loads.


Neutral colors fit any decor, while prints and textures add flair. Storage in open layouts may dictate a more stylish hamper.


Look for wheeled hampers or models with toting handles or straps if you’ll be transporting up and down stairs.

With these factors in mind, let’s look at the best clothes hampers available across a range of budgets and priorities.

The Best Laundry Hampers

1. Simple Houseware Laundry Basket Hamper

  • Durable canvas exterior
  • Removable bag liner included
  • Choice of lid or lidless model
  • Stylish faux leather accents
  • Available in gray, brown and beige
  • Perfect for blending into bedroom decor

Simple Houseware’s canvas hamper has beautiful styling with its faux leather handles and trim. The linen liner protects the exterior from soiling over time. Our top pick for an attractive clothes hamper that seamlessly fits any décor.

2. Whitmor Supreme Laundry Cart

  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Rust-resistant chrome rails
  • Smooth-rolling 4” casters
  • Removable canvas bags
  • Holds 2-3 loads of laundry
  • Choice of white or chrome frame

Whitmor’s commercial-grade chrome cart is built to smoothly handle heavy laundry loads. The rugged steel frame, canvas bags and large wheelbase make transporting wet heavy laundry effortless. A top choice for durability and mobility.

3. DOKEHOM Laundry Basket

  • High-quality breathable rattan
  • Stylish woven fan pattern
  • Resists mildew and odor buildup
  • Durable steel frame reinforcement
  • Generous 39” x 23” x 26” size
  • Natural material complements any decor

For a traditional wicker clothes hamper, the DOKEHOM is a premium choice. Handcrafted from natural rattan reed with a steel frame, it provides timeless style with serious durability. The open weave allows ample airflow as well.

4. Lifewit Foldable Canvas Laundry Hamper

  • Durable canvas fabric
  • Reinforced steel frame
  • Handles for easy carrying
  • Folds down when not in use
  • Machine-washable liner included
  • Great for apartments and dorms

This clever collapsible hamper from Lifewit uses sturdy canvas and steel bars to hold up to 26 gallons. But it folds down flat for storage when not brimming with dirty clothes. Ideal for maximizing space in apartments or dorm rooms.

5. Household Essentials Double Hamper

  • Durable canvas with faux leather
  • Two attached hampers for sorting
  • Holds up to 25 lbs each
  • Lidded to conceal contents
  • Matching single hamper also available
  • Ideal for his/hers or color sorting

With dedicated side-by-side bins, this dual hamper from Household Essentials makes separating laundry a cinch. The sturdy canvas build and convenient carrying handles check all the boxes for an attractive and functional hamper.

6. TUBE Laundry Hamper

  • Innovative cylinder-shaped bin
  • Breathable side-wall slits
  • Interior bag for easy unloading
  • Removable lid with handle
  • Chic modern look
  • Multiple sizes and finishes

TUBE’s uniquely shaped hamper offers breathability combined with style. The cylindrical shaped bin features side-wall slots to promote airflow while retaining tossed items. Sized right for most loads, it’s a contemporary hamper standout.

7. Simplify Collapsible Pop-Up Hamper

  • Polyester canvas construction
  • Pops up then collapses flat for storage
  • Carry handles integrated into frame
  • Water-resistant lining
  • Large 30” tall x 16” diameter capacity
  • Great for small spaces when not in use

For a temporary clothes holding solution or dorm living, Simplify’s pop-up hamper is perfect. It extends tall when needed for laundry, but compresses down nearly flat for closet storage when empty. The polyester canvas build ensures durability.

8. BirdRock Home Roll-Away Hamper Cart

  • Movable cart design with lid
  • Attractive natural seagrass exterior
  • Removable interior mesh bag
  • Smooth-rolling casters
  • Handcrafted woven construction
  • Pull-out drawer for smaller items

This wheeled seagrass hamper from BirdRock Home is perfect for transporting laundry around a large home. The interior liner protects the handsome exterior weave while casters allow easy rolling across floors. A built-in front drawer holds delicates.

9. Lavish Home Laundry Hamper

  • Durable polyester canvas fabric
  • Reinforced canvas handle
  • Deep open bag design
  • Ideal for tossing clothes directly inside
  • Remains rigid when full
  • Budget-friendly price point

For an affordable canvas clothes hamper, Lavish Home’s bag-style pick is a great choice. The heavyweight canvas remains upright when loaded while resisting stains. An inner liner isn’t included, making it best for sturdy everyday laundry items.

10. Simple Living Circle Laundry Bag

  • Large zippered top opening
  • Roomy 26” wide x 36” high
  • Sturdy canvas handle and trim
  • Interprets popular round straw lidded hamper look
  • More affordable and portable version
  • Great for lightweight clothes and linens

Simple Living’s circular canvas hamper mimics the popular lidded seagrass basket look at a lower price point. The spacious zippered bag holds plenty while being easy to relocate around your home with its sturdy tote handle.

Laundry Hamper Selection Considerations

  • For laundry rooms, focus on larger size, breathability and wheeled mobility
  • In bedrooms, choose styles and colors complementing your existing decor
  • For kids’ rooms, colorful prints and compartments can help with sorting
  • In tight spaces, collapsible and pop-up hampers maximize storage when not in use
  • For apartments, opt for lightweight bags and baskets that are easy to tote up and down stairs
  • If concerned about odor, seek lids and fully enclosed hamper cart designs

Laundry Hamper FAQs

What is the best laundry hamper material?

It depends on your priorities. Canvas is attractive and affordable but can stain over time. Polyester resists staining but lacks breathability. Wicker is stylish but scratches floors when dragged. Plastic is inexpensive but feels cheap.

What size laundry hamper do I need?

Take measurements of your average full laundry loads and size up accordingly. Standard washers fit around 6 cubic feet. Larger hampers in the 30-40 gallon range accommodate most family’s laundry needs.

How many laundry hampers should you have?

Start with one hamper per floor or major living area. Add more if you want to separate by user or sort by color. Having two allows you to divide lights and darks.

Should laundry hampers have lids?

Lids help contain odors and conceal messy contents in open floorplans. But for laundry rooms, lidless hampers and carts allow for quick tossing and maximum breathability. Consider your laundry’s proximity to public areas.

How do you wash a laundry hamper?

Most cloth hampers have removable liner bags that can be periodically washed to keep clean. Wipe plastic hampers with disinfectant. Spot clean canvas as needed. Avoid soaking wicker.

Where should you put a laundry hamper?

Place hampers where clothes come off – bedrooms, bathrooms, and nurseries. Have one on each floor if your washer and dryer is centrally located. Add one to laundry rooms for presorting.

Key Takeaways

The right clothes hamper keeps your laundry organized, concealed, and easily transportable. When selecting a hamper, hone in on finding an ideal size, sturdy and stain-resistant material, mobility features if needed, and aesthetics to match your existing decor.

Options like the Simple Houseware faux leather lined bin and Whitmor rolling cart are attractive, roomy choices that simplify laundry organization and transport – two key goals of any great hamper.

Take measurements of your typical loads and match a hamper style and size that best fits your space and laundry demands. With the plethora of options available today, you can certainly find a high quality hamper perfect for neatly corralling your dirty duds.

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